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Castle Grange Farm is in Newcastle, County Wicklow. A Certified Angus Livestock farm producing Organic beef as nature intended.

When you choose Castle Grange Angus Organic Beef you are supporting a food system which values:  Animal Welfare, Environmental Impact & Wholesome Food.


Animal Welfare: 

A low stocking rate which gives 4 times more grazing area per animal. 365 days of the year outdoors. No sheds, but each pasture has an attached wooded copse for shelter. 

Calves are not taken away from mothers. They wean naturally when mother is due to calf the following year. 

Animals move to new pastures on average every two days. Quick rotation of stock through the pastures eliminates the need for dosing because they never develop stomach parasites. 

Stock is moved from pasture to pasture through connecting gates and they learn to follow, this eliminates stress.



Environmental Impact:

20% of the land area is given over to biodiversity shelter belts and woodland copses.

Pastures are mature and contain a wide variety of herbs, weeds and wild grasses for maximum variety. Reseeding of mature pastures is not a practice.

No slurry created which mitigates the risk of run off into water courses when spread on land.




Wholesome Food: 

100% Castle Grange grass fed.

Deep underground spring water is provided to all pastures and drinking troughs are sealed when stock is not in the pasture, to give guaranteed pristine water always.

No animal has been sick or received any drugs, antibiotics, or chemicals of any kind during it’s lifetime when sold under “plus18” protocols.

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